Our Mission: "To explore, learn, be safe and have fun!”

Our Mission: "To explore, learn, be safe and have fun!”

EXPLORE – Outside of your comfort zone. There is so much to see and experience! At Tulukani Adventures we are constantly exploring Zambia and it is our honor to share with you all the wonderful places and untouched corners of our land.

LEARN – Outside of the classroom. We are committed to our belief that when we participate in challenging adventurous experiences, we are given the opportunity to learn and grow.  All our adventures are specifically designed to meet the needs of the group and each individual participant, ensuring a peak learning experience for all. Not everyone has the same needs or abilities. It’s  important that we help each individual reach the goals that they set for themselves through our activities.

BE SAFE – with us. The Zambian outdoors provide endless possibilities for adventure. However, with any outdoors activity there is a certain level of risk. We are always aware of the risks involved and are committed to mitigating these risks in the best way we can. We are proud to deliver our adventures with the highest standards of safety and professionalism, enabling us to provide transformative experiences without compromising on the learning outcomes or safety of anyone involved.

HAVE FUN – Outside of the box. An adventure should be fun. It is vital to us that everyone ends their Tulukani Adventure with memories and stories to share with friends and family for years to come.

We aim to explore without losing our way, learn without getting bored, be safe without being too serious and challenge without intimidating. A fun adventure is a priceless gift that will transform and inspire you and those that you share it with.

We are guided by principles that ensure that all of our adventures are safe, ethical, and authentically Zambian, delivered professionally and reliably using the best equipment.


We will always strive to ensure that Tulukani Adventures are:

Safe – We invest a large amount of time, training and resources to ensure that all the activities we deliver are delivered to the highest safety standards.

Reliable – Quality service delivery lies close to our heart and we endeavor to deliver a reliable service to all our clients.

Professional – We are guided by the principle of professionalism in order to give our clients a pleasant experience whilst doing business with us. Our staffs undergo continuous professional development workshops including child protection policy training and facilitation skills in order to equip ourselves to be better placed deliver our courses.

Well Equipped – Our high safety standards is largely due to the fact that we are more than equipped to deliver the courses that we offer. A large investment is made on an annual basis to ensure that we acquire all the necessary safety equipment, that is regularly undergoes vigorous safety checks.

Ethical – We operate or business on and ethical basis. Mutual respect, compliance are what we stand for.

Zambian – As a Zambian business, it is important to us that our clients receive an experience that is authentically Zambian, reflecting the warm culture and unique natural heritage of the country.

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