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Adventurous Journeys

Each level of The Award culminates with an Adventurous Journey. This section encourages a sense of adventure and discovery as participants plan, train for and undertake an expedition in an unfamiliar environment as part of a small team.

Challenge yourself to journey with your eyes open

Zambia presents many exciting possibilities and opportunities for such journeys, but is also not without its own challenges and risks. At Tulukani Adventures we know that organising and running a safe, Award standard expedition can be a daunting undertaking for Award Leaders or Participants. We can take the guesswork out of this with one of our Expedition Packages that can be tailored to your needs.

All our expeditions are extensively researched, ground-truthed. We do extensive risk-assessment and testing before we offer them. We pride ourselves in ensuring that what we offer meets all Award requirements whilst retaining the spirit of self-reliance and discovery that is central to The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. Participants will be taken outside of their comfort zone, in a safe secure setting achieved through suitable and appropriate training and supervision.

Our Adventurous Journeys are delivered, supervised and assessed by accredited Award Leaders Supervisors and Assessors.

Find out more about the Adventurous Journey section of the Award here.

If you are a participant preparing for one of our Adventurous Journeys, have a look at the material on our Award Resources page.

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Our Adventurous Journeys

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